Promotional Assessment Center Tutoring Prep Manual For Fire and EMS Personnel

Since 1999, Mr. Reisen has been apart of the promotional assessment center process and now he has applied his knowledge and experience into the pages of this manual.  If you are unable to schedule a tutoring session and would still like a copy of the training manual,

it can be purchase from our website by clicking the STORE TABabove.

Fire and EMS Promotional Tutoring and Job Interview Training

A Fire and EMS Promotional Assessment Center is a systematic and comprehensive evaluation method used to selected the best candidate for a promotion.  The exercises are designed to place candidates in a controlled environment intended to measure the candidate's ability to perform under that job description.

Reisen Safety Training offers a one-on-one tutoring sessions to enhance the skills and knowledge and review each promotional exercise.  We also offer our Job Interview Training services to individuals that are trying to get hired in public safety.  For those individuals that just need to add spice to their resume, we offer our services on ​​

Developing a Professional Resume.

Mr. Reisen has been tutoring clients for promotions and job interviews since 2012.  It is confirmed that after his clients complete their training sessions and homework, they have accepted positions with the fire service that include:

  • Firefighters
  • Fire Inspectors
  • Plans Examiner
  • Fire Investigators
  • Lieutenants.
  • Captains
  • Battalion & District Chiefs
  • Division and Deputy Chiefs
  • Assistant Fire Chiefs 

It's time for you to take charge of your career, schedule your tutoring session today.  Please note that due to Mr. Reisen's busy schedule it is imperative to schedule your tutoring session preferably 30 days prior to your interview or promotional assessment due to the training and homework that the client needs to complete.




​Tutoring Session Scheduling Form


     When you schedule your tutoring session, the service fee is $175 per hour with a minimum of a two hour session.  The fee includes a tutoring package of materials, the Now Hiring - Interview Manual or the Promotional Assessment Center Prep Manual written by Mr. Reisen and your two-hour tutoring session in person or online.

          If the client wishes to extend their tutoring session for more than two hours, and time permits for the training, Mr. Reisen will decrease the service fee to

       $125 for each additional hour after the first two hours.  If the client schedules a        second session within 30 days of the first tutoring session, the service 

fee drops to $125 for each training hour.

     Mr. Reisen has a 95% success rate for his clients being offered a promotion or accepting a job position in public safety.

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Since 2023, we are proud to have assisted 232 clients getting hired or promoted in the

fire service.