Dale I. Reisen has been a professional keynote speaker at conferences, seminars and special events since 1995.  He has delivered hundreds of educational and motivational speeches and topics across the United States.  He employs the three E method into his presentations and public speaking events, which is . . . 

                                                    EDUCATING,  ENGAGING,  AND ENTERTAINING.

Contact Mr. Reisen to book at your next conference or seminar, here is a list of topics he has presented at conferences.

Mark Goodman

Years of experience: 44
Position: Instructor/Consultant

Mark retired from the fire service and building industry service and is now the Pastor at Christ Community Ministries in Estero, FL.  He serves in the  position of Fire Chaplain for four fire departments in Southwest, FL.  He has earned a Bachelors Degree in Leadership from Bellevue University

Running a business or agency is not easy and when you need to obtain leadership, team building, and safety training, it can be overwhelming.  Our TEAM can assist you in all of your training needs that meet your budget.  We can develop training solutions to meet your objectives and provide engaging courses and workshops to enhance employees retention and to reduce your liability.

"I want to take a moment to thank Dale Reisen and his staff for instructing the Fire Inspector Series at Martin County Fire Rescue.  Our personnel not only benefitted from the quality education, but were able to expand their skills in leadership.  Dale, we appreciate your dedication to the fire service and will continue to call upon your expertise for these courses.  Thanks again."

                      Shawn Lisowy, Bureau Chief of Training and Safety, Martin County Fire Rescue


Years of experience: 20
Position: Instructor/Consultant

Scott is currently working for Matlacha/Pine Island Fire Rescue as a Captain in Operations.  He has been a trainer and consultant for racetracks for winged sprint cars.  He has earned a Bachelor's degree in Public Administration from St. Petersburg College in Florida.

  • The Art of Reading Body Language.
  • ​It's Your Turn, Control Your Future.
  • ​Implementing a Fire-Arson Task Force.
  • Why Are We Effective at Failure Communications.
  • Get the Most Out of Your Team - Team Building.
  • ​How to Conducting a Line-of-Duty Death Investigation.

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Doug Underwood

Years of experience: 21
Position: Instructor/Consultant

Doug is the Fire Chief of Bayshore Fire and Rescue District in Fort Myers, Florida.  He is a graduate of Barry University and the Emergency Service Leadership Institute.  He is currently the Commander of the Lee County Fire-Arson Task Force.

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"Reisen Safety Training and Staff Development provide quality public safety courses, which are taught by seasoned professionals who work in the field.  The level of training provided, with the sharing of real-life experiences and case studies, produces students who complete the courses with knowledge and skills to perform their associated job duties.  Utilizing instructors who work in the field is invaluable because they are aware of the skills and knowledge needed to deliver the course content in such a way that they always impact the students.  They have become our new vendor in educational and consulting services."

                      Cheryl Edwards, MPH, CPM, Fire Marshal, Lakeland Fire Department

Susan Lindenmuth

      Years of experience: 17
Position: Instructor/Consultant

      Susan is the Public Relations Director for Estero Fire Rescue and   a firefighter/EMT for Bayshore Fire        Rescue both in Fort Myers, FL.        She holds a Masters Degree in   Emergency Services Management   and is a member of the Florida PIO        State-wide Deployment Team.

  • Team Building Workshops
  • Customer Service Workshop
  • Blood Borne Pathogens Training
  • Sexual Harassment and Hostile Work Environment Training

"I recently completed the course Youth Firesetter Intervention Specialist, Level I and Youth Firesetter Program Manager, Level II sponsored by Event Managers, LLC.  The class was taught by Dale I Reisen with Reisen Safety Training and Staff Development.  This was the first time I had Mr. Reisen as a fire instructor and I highly recommend taking courses from him.  His teaching style is engaging, educating and entertaining.  I left the class excited to take what I learned and implement into my community.  Thank you for re-energizing me to educate the community I live in."

                      Kerri Lubeski, Life Safety Specialist, Titusville Fire Department

Dale I. Reisen

Years of experience: 38
Position: President & CEO

Dale retired from the Fire and EMS Service in 2020 after 38 years in public safety.  He has been recognized by Florida Governors for his work and has received three State of Florida Awards for his service in 1998 and 2001.  He is currently the Operating Manager for Reisen Fire Consultants, LLC.



  • HIPAA Training
  • Effective Public Speaking Workshop
  • Improving Effective Communication Workshop
  • Managing Employee Behavior and Conflict Resolution Workshop

business solutions


  • Public Relations in the Fire Service.
  • Improving Your Leadership Skills.
  • Secrets Behind the Flames, Filicide by Fire.
  • Customer Service, It's Not a Department Name.
  • You Have Extra Baggage, But You're Not at the Airport.
  • Command the Room, Improve Your Public Speaking Skills.
  • For the Firefighter, Going Home is the Number One Priority.