• In-Basket Exercise
  • Leaderless Group Exercise
  • Oral Presentation Exercise
  • ​Check-in Apparatus Exercise



We will conduct a professional assessment center for you or assist your team in conducting your own.  We can design and develop promotional exercises for your agency and provide all of the information on a flash drive for your purchase.  We provide our clients with instructions on how to implement the exercise, along with candidate's exercise packet and the benchmark score sheet for assessors.  We also provide a workshop on How To Conduct A Promotional Assessment Center for your team.  Contact us today with your promotional training needs.

Are You a Fire or EMS Department That Needs to Conduct Promotional Assessment Exercises?

Reisen Safety Training and Staff Development has been offering professional promotional assessment exercises in Florida since 2010 .  The success of an promotional assessment lies with developing  exercises under a controlled environment that are intended to measure the candidates ability

to perform.  It's important that your agency has the ability to systematically measure the

results and provide the correct benchmark skills to reflect this.

We can provide the following promotional exercises:



  • Conflict Interaction Exercise
  • Structured Interview Activity
  • ​Tactical Decision-Making Exercise
  • Tactical Apparatus Exercise
  • E.V.O.C. Exercise