This course is designed to provide the firefighter and public educator with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully perform as a fire and life safety educator per NFPA 1035.  Topics will include fire behavior, community risk assessment, injury prevention, planning and developing safety strategies,

fire prevention systems and devices, learning styles for different age groups, teaching methods, responsible of a public information officer,

public relations, and high-risk audiences and behaviors.

The Art of Reading Body Language Seminar

ICS-300  Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents Course 

National Fire Academy Course - Florida State # 4022


 This course will introduce students to the Florida State Emergency Response Plan for emergency incidents and show how local and state resources are requested and monitored.  Students will learn how resources are tagged by kind and type of resource for ordering purposes.  We will review how to effectively manage post-incident analysis and the state mutual aid agreement.


 This course will review the incident command system and the incident management systems that works hand-n-hand.  We will discuss how an incident grows and due to this fact how the IMS must grow with the incident to meet demands.  We will discuss how the general command staff of the IMS structure

will advance in their roles during a major incident.

Fire and Life Safety Educator I Course 

Florida State Fire College # 1793

Educational Workshops & Courses

​​   April 16th, 23rd, 30th and May 7th, 14th, 21st of 2021

Six Friday's

Fire Officer III and Fire Code Administrator Certificates

Tice Fire Department

  Fort Myers,FL

Course Fee:  $275


Our course schedule is open to the public to increase and enhance your education and knowledge. 

Our fire service courses are approved by the Florida State Fire College and the National Fire Academy.  


 This course curriculum will review the duties of various positions within the incident command system.  Students will be able to organize and implement an incident management system.  We will review the procedures for establishing command, transferring command, and terminating an incident,

maintain incident resources along with logistics and planning of the incident or event.

​​   June 4, 2021

Fire Officer II Certificate

South Trail Fire Rescue

  Fort Myers,FL

Course Fee:  $120

​​   April 19 - 23, 2021

Fire and Life Safety Educator Certificate

Bayshore Fire Department

  North Fort Myers,FL

Course Fee:  $220

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 This course will further expand the investigators knowledge of fire investigations by looking at the context and perspective of a fire and explosion investigations.  Sources of information will be examined such as public records, written statements, interviews, forensics, DNA, laboratory services and

evidence collection will be discussed.

    May 2021


 Have you ever wondered if someone was not telling you the whole truth?

It is possible to know if someone is deceiving your or maybe agrees with your ideas?

The answer is YES, you can be taught how to read body language in order to detect feelings, honesty and intent.  Mr. Reisen has been a fire investigator for more than 25 years and has used the art of interviewing witnesses and people of interest to crimes.  He has taught hundreds of people how to read and

influence people through nonverbal communications.

The following people have taken his seminar and have benefited from this training:

Fire Investigators and Inspectors    *    Law Enforcement Officers    *    Probation Officers    *    Human Resource Personnel

Hiring Boards    *    City and County Officials    *    Attorneys    *    Poker Players

​Union Leaders    *    Business and Community Leaders

​​   June 9th, 10th, 11th, 17th and 18th, 2021

Fire Investigator Certificate

Charlotte County Fire / EMS Training Facility

  Punta Gorda, FL

Course Fee:  $220

Chief Fire Officer Course 

Florida State Fire College # 9516

ICS-400  Advanced ICS Command and General Staff Course 

National Fire Academy Course - Florida State # 4023

    June 2021


 This course is a continuation of Fire and Life Safety Educator I course.  The student will learn community analysis, budget process, communications with leadership,                  evaluating team performance, measuring learning, developing informational and educational materials, developing lesson plans, designing programs,                        and evaluating and measuring of educational programs.

Our courses are taught in a classroom setting with a live instructor that has years of experience in the course content and have become subject matter experts in their fields.  The fire service courses meet the standards set forth by the State of Florida Fire Marshal, Bureau of Fire Standards and Training and have been given state approval for these courses.  We provide our students with a booklet of the course material, a legal writing pad, a pen and a highlighter for each course.  Our course certificates can be used to gain continuing education credits towards re-certifications hours for fire service inspectors and instructors in the State of Florida.

Fire and Life Safety Educator II Course 

Florida State Fire College # 2794

Latent Investigation Course 

Florida State Fire College # 2630

    April 2021

​​​​  May 7, 2021

One Day Only

Holiday Inn Fort Myers Airport / Gulf Coast Town Center

  Fort Myers,FL

Course Fee:  $300 - includes full day registration, refreshments and the Assessment Center Promotional Prep Manual


 This course meets the JPR's of NFPA 1021 Fire Officer III.  The course will present the principles of management theory and its application to the fire service. 

Topics will include communications, professional development, community and intergovernmental relations, human resources, legal issues, strategy planning,

public education, budget and financial issues, and emergency management.

​​   April 8 - 9, 2021

Fire Officer III Certificate

South Trail Fire Rescue

  Fort Myers,FL

Course Fee:  $150

Florida State-wide Emergency Response Plan (SERP) Course 

Florida State Fire College # 9572

​​   April 5 - 7, 2021

Fire Officer II Certificate

South Trail Fire Rescue

  Fort Myers,FL

Course Fee:  $200

​​   May 25 - 27, 2021

Fire and Life Safety Educator Certificate

Bayshore Fire Department

  North Fort Myers,FL

Course Fee:  $175