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   Public Information Officer Course                                07/19/21                   $220                    San Carlos Park FD                      Public Information Officer



Our course schedule is open to the public for most of the public safety courses.  These courses have been designed and developed for firefighters, EMS personnel, fire inspectors, fire instructors, public information officers, fire investigators, fire educators, safety officers, and law enforcement officers.

Educational Course Schedule can be found below this form.

    Arson Investigation Course                                          11/08/21                   $220        Charlotte County Fire/EMS Training Facility        Fire Investigator                           



                     Course / Workshop / Seminar                                              Date                         Course Fee                      Location                               Course Approved for the Following Certificates                                Flyer

Educational Courses / Workshops / Seminars


 Our courses are taught in a traditional classroom setting with an instructor that has years of experience in the course content and has become a subject matter expert

in their field.  The public safety courses listed below meet the standards set forth by the State of Florida Fire Marshal, Bureau of Fire Standards and Training and have been

given a state approval number for each course.  We provide our students with a manual of the course material, a legal writing pad, a pen, and a highlighter for each course.

Our course certificates can be used to meet the requirements for state testing and renewal hours for fire inspectors and instructors.

   Conducting a Serious Injury or Line-of-Duty               10/21/21                   $325           Holiday Inn Fort Myers Airport                                                                                  

                    Death Investigation Seminar               


   Florida Incident Safety Officer Course                        09/03/21                    $220                   Fort Myers FD                                      Florida Safety Officer                              


                                                                                4-days            09/09 & 09/10

    Fire and Life Safety Educator II Course                      08/11/21                   $150                    Boca Grande FD                           Fire and Life Safety Educator





  Incident Inquiries and Formal Internal                         08/06/21                    $325             Holiday Inn Fort Myers Airport

        Investigations Seminar


    Construction Documents and                                      09/13/21                   $220                    Bayshore FD                                           Fire Inspector I

       Plans Review Course                                                  09/16/21


   Fire Service Course Delivery Course                           08/16/21                    $220                   Fort Myers FD                          Fire Officer I, Instructor I, II, and III



  Florida Health and Safety Officer Course                     07/12/21                    $220                    South Trail FD                             Florida Safety Officer