Reisen Safety Training has been providing our students and clients with quality training, career tutoring, education and

enhance knowledge since 2003 in Fort Myers, Florida. 

Our instructors and consultants have years of experience in the fields of fire service, incident command, EMS, building

industry, fire investigations, marketing, fire prevention, health and safety, security investigations, emergency management,

and customer service.  Our courses are provided in a classroom with a live instructor and most the fire service courses can be                                              completed within 4 to 5 days.

Our instructors have received state and local awards for their dedication and commitment in the field of their knowledge

and experience.  We implement the Laws of Learning into our workshops and courses.  This is a three-step process to

enhance student retention which includes:   


                    1.  The Law of Readiness - we mentally prepare and engage our students.

                    2.  The Law of Exercise - this is the law of repetition so that the students is given the opportunity to hear and

                                                             practice multiple times.

                  3.  The Law of Effect - students learn best in a pleasing and positive environment with instructors that are

                                                          passionate about the course material.

For our public safety personnel in the Fire and EMS Service, Law Enforcement Service and Emergency Management we offer public safety certificates in:

  • Fire Officer Series
  • Fire Inspector Series
  • Safety Officer Series 
  • Fire Investigator Series
  • Public Information Officer 
  • Fire Service Instructor Series 
  • Fire and Life Safety Educator Series


In 2019, Mr. Reisen developed Reisen Fire Consultants, LLC to assist our clients with fire, explosion and product failure investigations.  By clicking on the website address below you can learn more about our fire investigative services.

  • Fire Causation Expert.
  • Fire Expert Testimony.
  • Evidence Examination. 
  • Interviewing - Reading Body Language.
  • Photo and Statement Analysis.
  • Fire Protection & Detection System Failure.
  • Product Liability and Subrogation.

Public Safety Courses

Fire Investigation Consultants

Mailing:   P. O. Box 651,  Estero,  FL   33929         Office Hours:  8am - 5pm      

Phone:    239-770-7049            


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Our Clients


"Reisen Safety Training and Staff Development has become an integral part of the safety training at our research facility.  Bayer has a robust safety culture and stringent requirements that exceed federal OSHA standards in many subject areas, Reisen Safety Training helps our site maintain those standards.  They are very professional to work with. "

Lisa McDaniel, Education, Safety and Health Technician

Bayer Corporation - Crop Science Division,  Felda,  FL

Our training workshops are designed to enhance your knowledge and increase your education in these training programs.   Our educational services will be your solutions to improve your day to day operations.  We offer specialized training programs in:

  • Conducting Serious Injury and Line-of-Duty Death (LODD) Investigations.
  • Team Building Workshops.
  • Medical Training Programs.
  • Sexual Harassment and Hostile Work Environment.
  • The Art of Reading Body Language.
  • Conducting Inquiries and Formal Internal Employee Investigations.
  • NFPA 1 & 101 Updates on Fire Codes.
  • OSHA Related Training Programs.
  • The Art of Detecting Deception through Statement Analysis.
  • Improving Effective Communications.
  • Managing Employee Behavior and Conflict Resolutions.
  • One-on-One Tutoring:  Fire Service Promotions, Job Interviews and Public Speaking.

Providing knowledge to

America's Firefighters for 17 years.

Developing and Inspiring Tomorrow's Leader

Recognition and Awards


"Reisen Safety Training and Staff Development Inc., provides quality public safety courses, which are taught by seasoned professionals who work in the field.  The level of training provided, with the sharing of real-life experiences and case studies, produces students who complete the courses with the knowledge and skills to perform their associated job duties.  Utilizing instructors who work in the field is invaluable because they are aware of the skills and knowledge needed to deliver the course content in such a way that they always impact the students.  They have become our new vendor in educational and consulting services."

Cheryl Edwards, MPH, CPM, Fire Marshal

Lakeland Fire Department, Lakeland, FL

Specialized Training