Assessment Center Exercises

Your tutoring session workshop can review any of the following promotional exercises.  Plus, when you schedule

The following exercises skills are used for fire and EMS departments to test participants for a job or promotional positions.

Promotional  Assessment  Center & Job Interview  Tutoring

A promotional assessment center process is a systematic and comprehensive evaluation method.  It is designed to place applicants in a

controlled environment intended to measure the applicants ability to perform.  The success of an assessment center lies in the identification

and analysis of the job; development of exercises to measure an applicant's ability to perform; and the ability to systematically measure the results.

For an applicant who is trying to enhancing their job interview techniques, it can be very stressful.  Reisen Safety Training offers a one-on-one

tutoring workshop to enhance your skills in interviewing tactics.  Mr. Reisen specializes in the production of promotional

and hiring assessment centers and can improve your percentage of success that will produce results.

Improve Your Score on a Written Exam

If you plan on taking a written exam in the near future, let us help you improve your score.  There is a science in taking written exams,

so you must understand how the brain processes information.

When the human brain stores information it creates a folder with a file name of what this information is.  We then file the folder in our large

filing cabinet in our brain.  When we take an exam we retrieve the information needed from our folder, and here is where the problem occurs.  

We remember information on how we read it, how it is told to us, and how we write it down.  This is how we save information to our brains. 

When an exam is written, it is never written in the same way that we read it, heard it or wrote it.

When we start to read a question on an exam, the brain starts to relate any information in the question to our file folders to come up with

a right answer.  However, the searching for information normally is done before the reader has completed reading the entire exam question(s). 

The brain develops what it thinks is the right answer; however, we need the correct answer.

In order for the brain to apply the correct answer it needs to read the entire exam question and comprehend it.  This can be accomplished by

reading the question THREE times without looking at the answers.  If we read the question three times, then the brain will start to understand

how the question is being asked and will comprehend it correctly.  Once this is completed we can then narrow down to the correct answer.

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  • Battalion Chiefs & District Chiefs.
  • Division & Deputy Chiefs.

Mr. Reisen will evaluate your skills during an assessment tutoring session and make

recommendations on how to obtain a top score with assessors.  He works with his clients

to teach them the skills needed to develop techniques to increase their performance skills,

to show confidence during interviews, and to improve test scores for written exams. 

If you plan to participate in a promotional assessment center process and you are unable to

schedule a training session workshop with Mr. Reisen, you can purchase his

Promotional Assessment Center Tutoring Manual. 

Since 1999, Mr. Reisen has been apart of promotional assessment centers

and has now applied his knowledge and experience into the pages of this manual. 

This one-of-a-kind tutoring manual can be purchased from our website by

clicking on the  STORE TAB.


Tutoring Session for a Job Interview or for a Promotion


            When you schedule your session, the tutoring fee is $150 per hour with a minimum of a two hour session.  This fee includes a tutoring package of

material, the Interview and Promotional Assessment Center Manual and the one-on-one training session with Mr. Reisen. 

           If the client wishes to extend their session for more than two hours,  Mr. Reisen will decrease the tutoring fee to $100 after the first two hours. 

           If the client schedules a second workshop within 30 days of the first workshop, then the tutoring fee stays at $100 per hour.

          Tutoring workshops are conducted in Fort Myers, Florida or it can be scheduled online on the web, via Skype.   Mr. Reisen has a 95% success

          rate for his clients accepting a promotion or being offered a job position.

           He has tutored clients who have accepted positions in the following:


It's time for you to take charge of your career, schedule your tutoring session today.  Please note that due to Mr. Reisen's busy

schedule it is imperative to schedule your tutoring session preferably 30 days prior to your interview or assessment. 

Complete the form below and submit and we will notified you within 24 hours of available tutoring dates.

Presenting a Structured Interview

The structured interview is like an auditioning for a play, you must know your role and part during your performance.  It is the one time in your

life that you are asked open-ended questions.  This is the time that you must sell yourself because nobody else will, you need to WOW them. 

Assessors will ask questions to evaluate your culture, values and your inter-personnel skills.

Conducting an Oral Presentation

This exercise will have the candidate present a oral presentation on a topic or piece of equipment that the fire service will use. The foundation of this exercise is to see the candidate speak publicly on a topic or present a training program. They may notify the candidate in advance and let them know what the presentation will be, this gives the candidate time to prepare before the assessment date.  They may wait until the day of the assessment and give the candidate 10 to 20 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to present.  The candidate cannot go over the allotted time.

Participating in a Leaderless Group Exercise

Participants are placed in a group and given a topic for discussion that will need to be implemented in the fire service.  The real purpose of this exercise

is to see how the participants interact with each other in an environment of problem-solving issues or training.  The group is given a time frame

where they must agree to come to a solution on how they will implement this issue.

Strategy and Tactics Exercise

This emergency scene exercise utilizes tactical problems that need to be successful handled while using common scene, common practices,

your standard operating procedures and good problem solving skills to resolve the incident. It is important for candidates to use their

knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) to reach a positive outcome while reaching the benchmark of the incident.

Coaching / Counseling / Conflict Resolution Exercise

This exercise will test the participant on how they handle a problem employee or upset customer regarding a service problem.  The employee exercise

will provide an opportunity for the candidate to demonstrate how they would handle personnel issues per their policies and procedures. 

A five-step process of conflict resolution will need to be achieved to reach the benchmark scores.  The exercise with the upset customer

will test the interpersonal skills, judgement, perception and problem-solving skills of the participant.

In-Basket Exercise

During this exercise, participants will have a in-basket of tasks, reports, emails and other materials that are time sensitive.  You need to be able to read and analyze quickly on what items need to be acted on now, later or delegate to someone else.  This exercise will test the participate on managing decisions, prioritizing and delegating and is an extension of what a good supervisor should be able to do on a daily basis.