State Exam Required  -  Two Courses Required


                                                                                                      1793    Fire and Life Safety Educator I           45 hours

                                                                                                     2794    Fire and Life Safety Educator II          24 hours



Task Book or Portfolio Required  -  State Written Exam Required  -  Eight Courses Required

                   406     Post-Blast Investigation                          45 hours                            2120    Building Construction for the Fire Service            45 hours

                      407     Arson Investigation                                  45 hours                            2610    Fire Investigation:  Origin & Cause                         45 hours

                     1504    Private Fire Protection Systems I          45 hours                            2630    Latent Investigation                                                   45 hours

                     2111     Fire Chemistry                                           45 hours                            2670     Legal Issues for the Investigator                             45 hours  


     NOTE:  This is a restricted enrollment program. Students must be a law enforcement officer, crime scene technician, a certified firefighter or fire inspector in the State of Florida.





Renewal Requirements for Fire Service Instructors and Inspectors

The State of Florida Fire Marshals, Bureau of Fire Training and Standards require that all Fire Service Instructors and Fire Inspectors

obtain educational courses approved by the State Fire College for continuing education credits.


Every fire instructor certificate is valid for a period of four (4) years from the date of issuance or renewal date. 

The renewal of this certificate requires completion of a minimum of 40 hours

of continuing education during the proceeding four (4) year period.


Every fire inspector certificate is valid for a period of four (4) years from the date of issuance or renewal date. 

The renewal of this certificate requires completion of a minimum of 54 hours of continuing education during the proceeding

four (4) year period.  At least eight (8) hours of the 54 hours required must consist of continuing education

to the application of the Florida Fire Prevention Code, NFPA 1 and NFPA 101 updates.


        Task Book Required  -  No Written Exam  -  Two Courses Required             Task Book Required  -  No Written Exam  -  Three Courses Required


                4807     Courage To Be Safe - NFFF                  6 hours                                                     4807    Courage To Be Safe - NFFF                    6 hours

                6742     Florida Incident Safety Officer           45 hours                                                     6741    Florida Health & Safety Officer           45 hours

                                                                                                                                                                     7529    Legal Issues For The Safety Officer     45 hours

      NOTE:  Student must possess an active Firefighter Certificate of Completion,

                   meeting the requires of Firefighter I and must also have an active

                   Fire Officer Certificate.




                                                                                                         STATE  SAFETY  OFFICER  CERTIFICATE

                                                                                                  Students must obtaining the following:

                                                         1.  Possess an active Firefighter Certificate of Compliance, meeting the requirements of Firefighter Part 1.

                                                         2.  Possess an active Fire Officer Certificate.

                                                         3.  Possess a Incident Safety Officer Certificate of Completion.

                                                         4.  Possess a Health and Safety Officer Certificate of Completion.

                                                         5.  Complete State Written Exam.


                              FIRE  OFFICER  I  CERTIFICATE                                     FIRE  OFFICER  II  CERTIFICATE

                    Task Book Required  -  State Written Exam Required                              Task Book Required  -  State Written Exam Required      

                                     Five Courses Required                                                                                 Seven Courses Required

            4807     Courage To Be Safe - NFFF                                   6 hours                          4807    Courage To Be Safe - NFFF                                                       6 hours

            1810      Firefighting Strategy & Tactics II                       45 hours                          4022    ICS 300 - Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents       24 hours

            1740      Fire Service Course Delivery                               45 hours                          9572    Florida Statewide Emergency Response Plan (SERP)         8 hours      

            2120      Building Construction for the Fire Service      45 hours                           2811    Firefighting Strategy and Tactics II                                       45 hours

            2720     Company Officer                                                    45 hours                          1540    Private Fire Protection Systems I                                           45 hours

                                                                                                                                                                                1505    Fire Prevention Practices                                                         45 hours

                                                                                                                                                        2741    Fire Service Course Design                                                      45 hours




               FIRE  OFFICER  III  CERTIFICATE                                           

             Portfolio Required  -  State Written Exam Required                                             Portfolio Required  -  State Written Exam Required

                               Five Courses Required                                                              Five Courses Required or Four Courses and Capstone Project                 


            4807   Courage To Be Safe - NFFF                                                      6 hours                     4807    Courage To Be Safe                                              6 hours

            9516   Chief Fire Officer                                                                      60 hours                     9878    Community Risk Reduction                             45 hours

           4023   ICS 400 - Advanced ICS Command and General Staff     16 hours                     9881    Personal Management For The Fire &

           9641    Analytical Approaches in Public Fire Protection               45 hours                                            Emergency Services                                  45 hours

           2770    Ethical and Legal Issues for the Fire Service                      45 hours                    9883    Strategic Planning                                               45 hours

                                                                                                                                                                                Elective:  (choose the one course or project)

                                                                                                                                                                  9884    Quantitative Analysis                                           45 hours

                                                                                                                                                                               Capstone Project 





           FIRE  INSPECTOR  I  CERTIFICATE                                          FIRE  INSPECTOR  II  CERTIFICATE

    State Written Exam Required   -  Five Courses Required                                            No State Written Exam  -  Four Courses Required

     1505     Fire Prevention Practices                                           45 hours                                  2111    Fire Chemistry                                                       45 hours

     1510      Codes and Standards                                                  45 hours                                  2610   Fire Investigation:  Origin & Cause                  45 hours

     1540     Private Fire Protection Systems I                             45 hours                                  2541    Private Fire Protection Systems II                   45 hours

     2120     Building Construction for the Fire Service             45 hours                                               Elective:   (choose one course below)

     2521     Construction Documents and Plans Review           45 hours                                 1793    Fire & Life Safety Educator I                             45 hours

                                                                                                                                                             2706    Public Information Officer                                45 hours




Reisen Safety Training is an approved Training Provider under the Florida State Fire College. 

The blocks below are the certificate programs developed by the fire college.  Under each certificate program are the

approved courses that must be obtained by a student in order to complete the application process for that discipline.

Students may download the state application for the exam process by clicking on the REDButton. 

Students may download a task booklet or portfolio if required for the different certificate programs

listed below by clicking on the BLUE Button.  These downloaded document will be in a PDF file.


       Portfolio Required - No State Written Exam - Six Courses Required

                                                                     3533    Leadership Strategies for Community Risk Reduction                      45 hours

                                                                     4045    Personnel Management for the Fire Service                                         45 hours

                                                                     3780    Analytical Approaches to Public Fire Protection                                  45 hours

                                                                     4585    Fire Prevention Organization and Management                                   45 hours

                                                                     3015    Fire and Emergency Service Administration                                          45 hours

                                                                     3003   Political and Legal Foundation for Fire Protection                               45 hours

                                                          NOTE:  This certificate program has a pre-requisite course called Evaluating Performance Based Designs.



          FIRE  INSTRUCTOR  I  CERTIFICATE                                    FIRE  INSTRUCTOR  II  CERTIFICATE

           State Written Exam Required  -  One Course Required                                    State Written Exam Required  -  Two Courses Required


          1740    Fire Service Course Delivery            45 hours                                                          1740    Fire Service Course Delivery                45 hours

                                                                                                                                                                  2741    Fire Service Course Design                   45 hours

      Note:   Student must have six (6) years of fire service experience before                                Note:  Student must have six (6) years of fire service experience and have an

                 taking the written exam.                                                                                                            associate's college degree before taking the written exam.


                                                                            FIRE  INSTRUCTIOR  III  CERTIFICATE

                                                                                No State Written Exam  -  Two Courses Required


                                                                                            1740     Fire Service Course Delivery         45 hours

                                                                                               2741    Fire Service Course Design             45 hours

                                    Note:  Students must have six (6) years of fire service experience and have a bachelor's college degree before taking the written exam.