This course will further expand the fire investigators knowledge of fire investigations by looking at the context and perspective of a fire or explosion investigations.  Sources of information will be examined such as public records, written statements, interviews, forensics, DNA,

laboratory services and evidence collection will be discussed.


  This course will prepare participants to serve effectively as an organizational spokesperson.  Participants will learn about the profession of public relations in the Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement service and how important it is to manage media relations.  We will discuss crisis management and communications and the role of the public information officer plays in the incident command system.

​​June 22 - 26, 2020

Fire Inspector II Certificate

 Tice Fire Department

  Fort Myers, FL

Course Fee:  $220

    July  2020

​​June 8 - 12, 2020

Fire Investigator Certificate

 Tice Fire Department

 Fort Myers, FL

Course Fee:  $220

Fire Investigation:  Origin & Cause Course 

State # 2610

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  This course is built for the fire investigator to enhance the ability to detect and determine the origin and cause of fires.  Topics will include fire methodology, fire science and behavior patterns, building systems, origin and causes of fires, electricity and fires, motor vehicle and marine fires and wildland fires.  

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    June  2020


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Public Information Officer Course 

State # 2706

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Latent Investigation Course 

State # 2630

​​July 6 - 10, 2020

Fire Investigator Certificate

 Bayshore Fire Department

  North Fort Myers, FL

Course Fee:  $220