This course offers a comprehensive program management approach to all hazard incident safety issues for incident commanders, company officers, fire instructors, safety officers, chief fire officers and firefighters.  Topics will include safety concepts, guiding laws and regulations, designing an ISO system for government agencies along with safety and hazard issues for buildings under fire, reading smoke, reading risks, reading hazardous energy and reading firefighters.

​​ September 14 - 17, 2020

(4 day class)

Fire Inspector II and Fire Investigator Certificates

 Bayshore Fire Department

  North Fort Myers, FL

Course Fee:  $220

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Our fire service courses are approved by the Florida State Fire College and the National Fire Academy.  


  This course is designed to show the fire inspector and investigator the different forms of matter and energy, common substances, and how they relate to fires.  We will discuss chemical formulas of flammable and combustible substances, as well as the different chemical reactions related to fire ignition sources.


  The curriculum for this course is a continuation of course origin and cause investigations.  The instruction is designed to provide the student with the basic foundations of arson investigations to include, but not limited to, the ethical basis of arson investigations, serial firesetters, juvenile firesetters, and the different types of arson found in Florida.   We will discuss specific evidentiary issues, the impact of the Daubert court decision on testifying in arson cases, the different types of evidence collection, specific arson fire sets and safety for the fire investigator.  This course follows the requirements for qualifications as a fire investigator as set for in NFPA 1033, the Standards for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigators.

To attend this course, students must be a certified firefighter, fire inspector, or certified law enforcement personnel.

Ethical & Legal Issues for the Fire Service Course 

State # 2770

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​​ August 27, 2020

Renewal of Fire Inspector Certificate

 Bayshore Fire Department

  North Fort Myers, FL

Course Fee:  $110


  This 8-hour workshop satisfies the mandatory training renewal requirements for the Fire Safety Inspector Certificate as required by Florida Statute 633. 

All Fire Safety Inspectors are required to complete a minimum of 54 hours of continuing education.  Per Florida law, eight of those hours must consist of updates from the Florida Fire Prevention Code.  This course has been approved by the Florida State Fire Marshal, Bureau of Fire Standards and Training.


  This course deals with the issues facing todays fire service leaders, managers, firefighters and paramedics.  Topics will include labor relations, human and civil rights, diversity, conflict and conflict resolution.  We will also discuss the framework for ethical decision-making skills and we will review case studies.

    August  2020

Fire Chemistry Course 

State # 2111

​​ August 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, and September 2nd, 2020

Five Wednesdays

Fire Officer III Certificate

 City of Fort Myers Fire Department

  Fort Myers, FL

Course Fee:  $235

Fire Safety Inspector NFPA 1 and 101 Update Workshop

with Florida Amendments

State # RN9896

    September  2020

Our courses are taught in a classroom setting with a live instructor that has years of experience in the course content and have become subject matter experts in their fields.  The fire service courses meet the standards set forth by the State of Florida Fire Marshal, Bureau of Fire Standards and Training and have been given state approval for these courses.  We provide our students with a booklet of the course material, a legal writing pad, a pen and a highlighter for each course.  Our course certificates can be used to gain continuing education credits towards re-certifications hours for fire service inspectors and instructors in the State of Florida.

Arson Investigation Course 

State # 407

Florida Incident Safety Officer Course 

State # 6742

​​ September 21 - 25, 2020

Florida Safety Officer Certificate

 Parrish Fire District

  Parrish, FL

Course Fee:  $220

​​ August 10 - 14, 2020

Fire Investigator Certificate

 Tice Fire Department

  Fort Myers, FL

Course Fee:  $220